Chairman Message


A foresaid illustration of Swami Vivekanand Ji had touched my soul greatly .I was so inspired that I have started giving a shape to his idealism in 1981 and  established “Swami Vivekanand Educational Institute.This institute is fully dedicated to educate students on the patern of Indian culture and Swamijis idealism.

 During the past decades the college has displayed its diverse  achievement over the educational map of lucknow as well as U.P. The students of the college have done commendable work in different fields and are still doing .They have exhibited their high sense of dedication,integrity and sincerity.The college has privilege of sending a glazing of eminent scholars to occupy important position in the country.The college is asscociated with Lucknow University,Lucknow.

The moto of the college “Tamso Ma jyotir Gamaya”suggests that college has been striving all through to help the students to move forward on the path of progress and development.